Who we are?

Our people are our greatest asset. We have an intricate recruitment process aiming at keeping our competitive advantage, increasing our development power, and increasing our production capacity. Our job openings cover the full spectrum of the agile software development cycle including software architects, product owners, developers, quality assurance, tech support, business development & sales, and other administrative positions.


We respect the people we work with, our colleagues, our clients, our community, rules and regulations, our clients’ needs, and the competition. Respect is the basis of long-lasting relationships and helps us build a fruitful future.

Our Environment

We want our workforce to feel at home, enjoy work and have a sense of belonging. This can only be achieved through a friendly, team-oriented and positive environment with a common purpose. Our friendly work environment is a key factor in our success. We adopt a simple hierarchy avoiding bureaucracy and encouraging initiative. The physical setting, a mix of leisure and hard work, is another factor which resonates well among our Fintechers. We simply want to get the job done perfectly and love doing it at ease, freely, and in a friendly atmosphere.


Our purpose is to efficiently deliver innovative fintech solutions that will enable our clients to grow and prosper. We work very hard to streamline our clients’ daily tasks and to simplify the very complex. We have a relentless quest for innovation and the improvement of our products and services. We believe in technology and greatly invest in our product research and development. We do not fear change and are eager to take risks.

Discover the words our employees feel truly define our company: