With over 50 employees in different countries of the GCC region, we encourage knowledge sharing among our people to create opportunities for collaboration and with this collective differentiation of knowledge to offer an utmost customer experience to our partners.

We closely follow market trends, and our financial solutions are constantly updated to keep up with the emerging market requirements, keeping a tight eye on all country-based and international regulations that need to be applied.   

Our mission is to provide the ultimate support experience through our top-rated customer services from the day that we implement our innovative solutions to the day we ensure the stability of our partner and their ability to optimize and scale their business operations with the help of our system.


Our Customer Support Team is responsible for managing various issues, mainly technical and functional queries, and offers professional services to satisfy all the requests of our partners which include the following range of services. 

  • 24/7 Technical Support Assistance
  • Defect management
  • Data analysis
  • Business and technical training
  • Consistent periodical software updates
  • On-site technical support - delivering faster problem-resolutions
  • System optimization
  • Bug detection and resolution
  • Frequent improvements and new features
  • Third-party integrations

For all support inquiries, kindly contact IDS Fintech support on support@ids-fintech.com or contact us by phone.