Treasury Management module is an integrated solution designed to offer full transparency of the financial data along with necessary tools for cash and liquidity management, payments and bank communications, investment and debt, and forecasting whilst minimizing financial risk. Vestio's solution optimizes all the aspects of the treasury functions, offering automation of treasury operations, real-time visibility into cash positions, all while complying with global accounting regulations.



Liquidity Management

Allows automated management of cash, placement, borrowings, from short-term instruments to monitoring assets and liabilities -simplifying treasury management operations.

Cash Forecasting Tools

Tools as valuation, future cash flows, expected payments, a concise history of transactions, fees, and credits. All to achieve the perfect balance of liquidity/cash shortfall and overdraft.

Migrate Risk

Vestio mitigates risk through well-developed implicit Forex transactions, back-to-back transactions, hedging mechanisms, and exposure identification.

Cross-Bank Transaction Costs

Vestio offers tools to identify cross-bank currency exchange fees, granting efficiency when operating in different currencies, greater performance and reduced execution risks.

Reduce Errors

Vestio eliminates error in payment processing by allowing multiple authorization points & by automating routing rules.

Audit Control

The digitization, enforcement & logging of “4 eyes” authorization process generates a Complete, Detailed & Accurate audit trail within a single system.

Real-time Cash Management

Real-time cashflow forecasts, cash and payments consolidation, statement and GL journal import.

Collateral Management

Full agreement template lifecycle, ISDA and GMRA aligned, exposure management, margin calculation and calls, reporting dashboards.