In a pioneering and ambitious step, at the level of local and regional investment companies, the National Investments Company (NIC) announced the launch of the Electronic Portal for their clients - an innovative platform aimed at facilitating the investment process and client portfolio management. 

NIC revealed in a press statement that the new electronic portal service called the “Client Portal” will enable customers to access all services and products provided in a simplified, automated, and user-friendly manner. Additionally, it also aims to speed up the client support process by creating an easier channel for communication between the clients and the bank’s representatives. The Client Portal is a key tool that will serve in the digital transformation of the company, supporting NIC at reaching its strategic goals and raising the level of quality of services provided to their clients. 

In this context, Mr. Al-Muthanna Al-Maktoum - Executive Vice President of the Wealth Management Sector at the National Investments Company, stated that the service comes as a continuation of the company's development process.  

Summarizing his press release, Mr. Al-Muthanna stated that the Client Portal will serve as a digital electronic platform to provide all essential client-related information as portfolio overview, reports related to the performance of clients’ financial portfolios, and investment funds. As well, offering portfolio management capabilities, investment follow-up, transactions management, withdrawals and deposits, and digital KYC updates whenever required. 

Al-Maktoum explained that this new service offered by NIC comes as a step within the company's strategic plan that aims to contribute to simplifying the client’s experience. 

Al Maktoum pointed out that the "Client Portal" service will provide a huge database developed by the information technology and electronic trading sector, as part of an integrated plan developed to keep pace with developments and search for providing the best services and smart digital solutions of concern to all of our customers, enabling them to obtain comprehensive and integrated reports. It is also a prelude to accelerated steps for a complete restructuring of the company's wealth management sector services. 

He stressed that the main objective of launching this type of advanced digital service is to increase the quality of services provided to wealth management clients by utilizing the latest innovative technologies, simplifying the client's journey in daily follow-up and interaction with the company, which will be reflected in the level of client satisfaction by providing efficient and simplified services, in light of the increasing trend of customers for electronic services and their search for more effective means that put in their hands everything new. 

Al-Maktoum stressed that, through the launch of the new service, NIC aims to bring about a fundamental change in the concept and method of performing work and the services provided by the company automatically by skipping the company’s limited working hours to provide information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, finding easy ways to encourage its customers to use the service when they need it. 

Regarding the advantages offered by NIC in its new service “Client Portal”, Mr. Khaled Owaida - Executive Vice President of the Information Systems and Electronic Trading Sector in the company, stated that the digital transformation plan comes to meet market requirements and increase the ease and quality of services provided to customers, as the platform will be available free for all NIC clients to follow up on their various investments and order execution. It also includes comprehensive portfolio performance reports. The client can also update the client profile (Know Your Customer - KYC), implement subsequent deposit and withdrawal requests, and send the order “Sponsorship Request” through the trading room through an integrated screen across their devices, indicating that the service will enable customers to view and follow up on all their investments with NIC, which is considered a translation of NIC’s customer relationship management in an integrated manner, positively reflecting on the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of services available. 

Mr. Owaida continued: “NIC also provides various investment solutions through the new service, such as managing investment portfolios, trading in the capital markets, and private equity funds such as money management, real estate management, all investment and alternative banking services, in addition to special deals.” 

Mr. Owaida praised that the company is based on developing innovation, customer services, and maintaining preference in the local market. These efforts come within the company’s absolute keenness to follow the best standards of governance approved by the Capital Markets Authority, which reflects great confidence in customers, and thus its ability to implement best practices in the field of investor relations and institutional communication. 

In the end, Al-Maktoum concluded his statement that NIC, through the wealth management sector, is committed to providing everything new to its customers, and we are proud of our diverse customer base, which includes a selection of the most prominent companies and individuals with financial solvency, placing the quality of services for customers at the top of the priorities. This is what we are keen on and work to achieve with sincerity and perfection.