The straight-through processing (STP) module is deeply engraved in Vestio’s architecture. STP monitors and automates the entire process based on rules and conditions established by operational policy, providing updates and real-time information on the operational progress. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all transactions made, while reducing your settlement and operational risks. With STP, the entire operational process is achieved in the most efficient way possible.



Reduce Employee Labour

With STP there is no need for multiple entry of data into multiple systems, saving employee time and reducing input errors.

Decrease Settlement Risk

As a life cycle of a trade increases, so does the risk. STP ensures that the passage of data is made instantaneously.

Lowers Cost

STP creates a shared, integrated environment within your internal systems which lowers costs for maintaining multiple systems.

Simplify Trade Processing

Enable the entire trade process for financial markets activities and payment transactions to be conducted electronically (from trade capture to execution, validation, and settlement).