Vestio’s reporting system enables customers to gain instant access to essential performance reports for internal and external purposes. Its easy-to-use interface allows instant generation of customizable reports providing insight into lead conversion, statistical evaluations, financial projections, and all critical performance trackers. Reports can be generated both in real-time and based on pre-designated intervals automatically in the future.



Auditing Reports

- Positions & Interest of Bonds - Subscription & Redemption - Profit & Loss - Positions P&L of Securities - Nav History/Unit - Fees - etc.

Fund Administration & Accounting Reports

- General Ledger - Investment Ledger - Profit and Loss - NAV - Margin Accounts - Investment Borrowing Power - etc.

Credit Risk

- Evaluate Rates - Credit Risk Evaluation - Simulation Positions - Exposure Without Pledge - Counterparty Risk Analysis - Debtor Analysis

Market Risk Analytics

- Value at Risk (VaR) - Volatility - Expected Shortfall - Portfolios’s Beta NAV - Forecast Performance - Impact of other sources

Investment Strategy

- Return Analysis - Benchmarking - Portfolio Alpha Protection - Metric Analysis - Allocation Analysis - Performance Deviation - etc.

General Analytics

- Evaluation - Performance - Profit & Loss - Cash Flow Projection - Perf. Attribution / Contribution - Profitability Analysis - etc.

Customized Reporting

Generate custom-made reports upon demand or automatically at specified time intervals with a click of a button for internal or external purposes.

Enhanced Performance Assessment

Vestio delivers an enhanced perspective upon day-to-day performance, valuation and forecasted future cash flows. Granting support to professionals in decision making.