Operational inefficiencies drive costs up while the chance of human error, inconsistent processes, and misplaced documents increase business risk. Moreover, with an international increase in regulatory demands, wealth management organizations can no longer afford a departmental approach to compliance, but rather an enterprise-wide automated compliance management system as Vestio. Vestio will make your organization competent to meet existing regulatory demands and stand tall to potential future regulatory challenges. Vestio’s fully automated and integrated compliance mechanism ensures that regulatory requirements are met in every transaction taken, effectively ensuring your clients' legislative safety. By taking care of compliance, we have taken care of arguably the most important aspect of wealth management.



Easy Compliance Set-up

Vestio’s unique interface of the Compliance module allows easy setup and modification of complex compliance rules and calculations without ever needing the help of an IT assistant.

On-Top-Of Compliance

The system executes pre/post-trade checks, validation processes for suspicious activity, transactions, missing or expired documents and all other compliance-related activities to ensure full compliance.

Avoid Compliance Costs

A centralized, modular approach that replaces multiple compliance systems, ensures client’s legislative security and exempts you from undesired noncompliant charges.

International & GCC Legislation

Vestio is compliant with international and GCC legislation, and open to develop compliance requirements for any client’s operating country.

KYC Tools

Provide exclusive relationship management with offered KYC tools which allow extensive client due diligence, compliance, profiling, and accurate up-to-date client risk profiling.

Compliance Reporting

Vestio easily produces custom and automated compliance-related reports to be used for internal business needs.

Anti-Money Laundering

Define and maintain AML checklists depending on the fund/category/jurisdiction/location of the individual customers and produce necessary. AML reports


Abide by FATCA & CRS reporting standards engraved into Vestio's compliance mechanisms.