Portfolio Operations Management module offers an optimized automated solution to effectively manage a wide range of a company’s portfolios. The module offers the needed functions to select the right investments to meet the objectives of a portfolio. It aims to match performance goals with acceptable levels of risk while delivering the highest value of performance to its client base. In today’s rapidly changing economic conditions, portfolio managers require robust research and analysis processes to meet the demands of investors, thereby creating the need for portfolio management solutions as Vestio.



Automatic Allocation of Transactions

Ability to allocate a transaction to a pool of portfolio on a pro-rata basis.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Track progress against baselines for scope, budget, and timeline. Use monitor performance metrics, such as ROI, and unearned value indicators as CPI and SPI.

Optimize Returns

Vestio selects the best asset allocation formula for a given portfolio risk profile, offering relative analysis regarding all investment’s options considering even extreme events.

Optimize Risk

Use metrics as volatility, tracking error, parametrical and historical expected shortfall, Monte Carlo expected shortfall and maximum drawdown, and benchmarks - all to secure a higher Alpha.

Model Management

Tailor portfolio weights to match their tactical and strategic objectives and automatically track market fluctuations using drifting models to ensure that each portfolio is weighted correctly.

Employ Exceptions

An integrated exceptions database ensures that specific-scenario -exceptions are always accounted for in the decision-making process.

Portfolio Management Dashboard

The dashboard presents an overview of daily operations and notifications, raising awareness of the need for rebalancing in relation to specific models or price variations.

Automatic Rebalancing

Automatically rebalance portfolios in the context of its individual investment constraints and compliance rules.