Vestio is an effective portfolio management software that takes the complexity out of creating and managing different allocation models and portfolios, regardless of their size or scope. Additionally, Vestio has an engraved rebalancing mechanism that automates the firm’s investment management strategies according to each portfolio’s unique approach. The tax-sensitive rebalancing engine allows management of portfolios using sophisticated target models. Allowing users to monitor drift rates from model targets, make tactical trades and execute them directly with brokers via the internal order management system. Overall, Vestio seeks to empower wealth managers to fine-tune their investment strategy to make value-creating investments.



Rebalance Instantly

Vestio offers tools to rebalance thousands of accounts in seconds, case-by-case or automatically on a regular schedule

Implement Multiple Strategies

Vestio offers a multitude of strategies, spanning multiple accounts, respecting tax differences and other account boundaries

Comply with Restrictions

Stay compliant with specific manually-set restrictions within the software, while performing automatic rebalancing functions.

Rebalancing Reports

Generate rebalancing reports for diverse portfolios, sectors, countries, etc.

Tier Models

Allows unlimited branching by introducing multilevel models, tier models by asset class, sector or industry.

Set Limits

Limits in terms of segment, counterparty, banks, country of risk, asset class and stop-loss of holdings by markets, sub-asset class etc.

Maintain Tax Efficiency

Rebalancing is sensitive to your account type, holding country, and unrealized gains and losses in each position.

Track Drift Easily

Track drift from target for all strategies and make trades to bring them back into balance.