Order management & trade processing module enables the entire trade process for the financial markets activities and payment transactions to be conducted electronically. That is done by executing pre-filled multi-portfolios and multi-security orders in an efficient, fast and cost-effective manner. The module allows immediate fill-in of orders for various types of securities from the system directly into multiple markets, whilst allowing effective tracking of all transactions. Vestio supports a large range of asset classes, from the most common ones such as long/short equity, fixed-income, and funds to more complex classes as derivatives. Along with illiquid classes such as private equity and real estate. Vestio offers a fully integrated system covering all the major features that traders seek.



Easy Order Placement

Automate order placement with Vestio's integrated trade processing mechanisms.

Multiple Asset Classes

Execute allocations and executions across multiple asset classes, (long/short equity, fixed income, derivatives, PE, RE), all from a single platform.

Multimarket Access

Access to multiple markets from one single unified platform, without the need for 3rd party applications.

Automated Order Validation

Vestio allows you to set pre-order trades, which it automatically validates in accordance with restrictions.


Easy integration with EMS systems, FIX providers, counterparties, and other intermediaries

Streamlined trading processes

Reduced error rates, time, and costs as manual processes are minimized and operations are automated.

Order Follow-Up

Easily track the order's lifecycle through Vestio's interphase.

Real-Time Data & Trading

Vestio offers you real-time pricing on NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, IDX and more, allowing real-time trading.