An analytics system that will assist traders in evaluating the quality of their trade execution on a time weighed return on portfolio basis and micro attribution on sector level, identifying new opportunities for performance improvement and demonstrating best execution to their stakeholders.

IDS Fintech provides an integrated portfolio management and securities trading platform for wealth managers and private bankers. It is pre-integrated into VESTIO, the asset and wealth management system, providing a front-to-back wealth solution that is applicable:

  • In any type and size of investment bank or wealth manager
  • Across multiple entities and geographies
  • Across multiple markets in real time

Driven by new regulatory requirements and heightened conduct standards, the pursuit of best execution in GCC is now at the forefront of the industry’s agenda, where the investment bank or wealth manager can place and sell orders across multiple markets in real time, check portfolios, get live stock quotes, customized watch lists, access market news, and track indices.

As the market evolves, it is essential to ensure effective and accurate execution of trade orders. IDS Fintech is providing the next generation of advanced performance analytics for traders looking into the future fully integrated with international markets via Reuters (ROR) & Bloomberg.

Among other key benefits, these trading tools allow users to assess the quality of their historical execution, conduct like-for-like comparisons of liquidity providers, as well as make better informed trade planning decisions.

As a leading trading platform, IDS Fintech offers clients access to deep liquidity with choice in execution, end-to-end workflow management and straight-through processing – covering the entire transaction lifecycle.