The margin loan is a new module in our wealth management system VESTIO, which can also be offered with a light version of our system.

It allows the system’s end-users to borrow against the value of portfolio that they already own. Offering an interest-bearing loan system that can increase your client’s trading flexibility, allowing them to act on market opportunities with additional purchasing power while earning your organization interest.

VESTIO margin loan module automates the entire loan management cycle for your end-users, with a unified dashboard view to monitor their assets with ease, reducing operational risks associated with collateral-based lending. The solution is fully compliant with CMA regulations and practices.

  • Monitoring of allocation for loans for clients & setting restriction by CMA
  • Performance computation base on time weighted return
  • Flexible configuration of the loan interested (Fixed or Floating)
  • User-defined initial margin & maintenance margin
  • Access real-time margin call status on all devices
  • Defining margin on selected securities
  • Self-service reporting and report scheduling
  • Alert engine based on user-defined criteria
  • Manages fees and penalties
  • Reporting
  • Weekly regulatory reports for CMA
  • Daily & weekly management reports
  • Daily client reports through pre-defined packages