Knowing the client is key for a successful relationship between the advisor and the client, and managing his wealth requires exquisite understanding of a client’s behavior, investment profile, preferences, and risks.

With automation playing a major role in wealth management, investment firms are more and more dependent on software for properly assessing prospects, classifying them, and designing the most appropriate product offering for them. A CRM system, which is the starting point in a wealth management operation, helps investment firms and advisors build an in-depth view of their clients for more effective advisory. It gives them a holistic view on the client and helps them make more intelligent decisions.

IDS Fintech offers a mature CRM solution as part of VESTIO, the full wealth management system.  VESTIO’s CRM offers a complete workflow including prospect definition, prospect assessment, prospect to client conversion, client profiling and segmentation, product offering, compliance, KYC, AML, blacklisting, and more. It goes beyond the client’s financial details, helping the advisor envision a clearer view of the client for a better and more tailored service. And thereby, assists in building a stronger relationship with the client.

A properly conducted CRM operation leads to safer prospect to client conversions and improves the conversion rate. Moreover, it helps improve client retention by improving the customer support services and increases customer satisfaction.

In VESTIO, the collected client data covers static information, contact details, KYC, AML including client risks, country risks, funding, structuring risk and transaction risk. Collected information also covers client behavior, FATCA, shareholder details, ownership and authorization, stakeholders’ details, banks accounts, and more.  Compliance information includes KYC status, AOF status, CRS status, CMA classification criteria and PEP summary.

The investment profile of a client includes their financial data, their investment profile, their product preference regarding the security type and preferred investment model, their preferred performance measurements, investment history and information regarding their migration status.

VESTIO’s CRM offers a complete workflow with a tailored client follow up tool equipped with a reviewer/blotter for proper action and follow up.

Knowledge is power, and with VESTIO’s CRM, advisors are empowered with all the tools and functions to intelligently serve clients better for more profitable investments and happier clients.