In the world of investment, managing wealth has greatly evolved. The behaviors of investors and advisors have changed due to the arising need for better market visibility and tracking, higher accuracy of information, and faster decision making. Such requirements have become a necessity rather than a luxury mostly due to the improved automation of wealth management on all levels. Investors (Clients) now require to have secure and instant access to information on their wealth and expect to access information at the touch of a button. Moreover, the investors’ average age has significantly decreased, and most investors are now considerably more into technology, and some are very tech-savvy.  Periodical reporting through emails and exchange of information over the phone is no longer a desirable option.  Investors expect to exchange and have online, real time, and constant access to information without the intervention of another party, around the clock.

VESTIO Client Portal is the gateway for both investors and advisors, giving them equally the ability to communicate and the client access to information accurately, securely, and immediately.  Through the Client Portal, the client can easily have secure access to his/her investment information including the following:

  • Comprehensive view of the investment profile including real-time valuations, holdings, assets and liabilities
  • Detailed investment product information
  • Visualization of goals and projected future earnings
  • Portfolio return calculations and composition information
  • Profit and loss calculations
  • Capital movements, expected cash flow, fees and taxes reporting
  • Transaction and account history
  • Life balance sheet and income statements
  • Investment risk measurement and analytical tools
  • Online investment advisory service and live support
  • Alerts and warnings engine
  • KYC Uploads

VESTIO Client Portal offers investors a personalized digitized wealth management experience, with a holistic portfolio overview, clear and responsive interface, and a custom-build dashboard to fit every client’s financial needs.  The portal is integrated with VESTIO’s core wealth management system allowing for a seamless and real-time flow of information, advanced reporting through analytics and dashboards, and direct monitoring of a client’s portfolio. 

Through while labeling, the portal offers the client a branded experience of simplified investment management, accessible from any browser. The cloud-based interface is built with fully encrypted bank-grade security to protect the client’s sensitive financial data while delivering highly dynamic reports and analytics. The investor can easily customize the dashboard in accordance with his/her preferred dynamic financial data screens and generate reports from a wide library of analytical and reporting tools, offering a unique experience for every client investor.

VESTIO Client Portal is based on latest technologies to ensure best performance and highest availability.  The platform’s backend layer is based on microservices with a centralized database accessed through a common data layer. The use of microservices will benefit the end-user by ensuring more agility and faster development and deployment of new features and functions.