Fund Management module provides organizations with rich end-to-end functionality and the desired capability to streamline their fund management operations while offering superior services to their investors. The solution’s modular architecture and extended parameterization features provided on this single platform offer the required functionality to support fund management operations. Operations as asset management, fund administration, and accounting, along with a set of extended services for client portfolio management.



Advanced Fund Management

Vestio offers a highly simplified automated platform to operate your fund’s daily activities granting you saved time through automation.

Automatic NAV & Pricing Generation

Calculate NAV and pricing within seconds to be employed in the funds' activities, making the operational process more efficient.


Tracking positions and managing fees across a fund's investments has never been as easy as with Vestio’s integrated system.

Modeling & Forecasting

Vestio enables fund managers to quickly and accurately assess risk and evaluate performance.

Adaptable to Change

Fund management software must have the flexibility to cope with changing regulatory frameworks (FATCA, AIFMD, GDPR, etc.) and increasing reporting demands from their investors - vestio offers just that.

Manage Risk

Risk management tools including risk exposure analysis, VaR calculation, Back and Stress Testing and numerous portfolio risk metrics


Extensive reporting capabilities covering multi-dimensional reporting needs for different users (operations, asset managers, management, etc) and investors

Performance Measurement

Vestio offers tools for multi-level performance measurement, along with contribution and attribution analysis.