The key to customer satisfaction lays in deeply understanding the client, and Vestio's CRM system does just that. The module offers a comprehensive set of tools for superior client relations management. Aiding your institution by combining all the detailed client information in a single database. From which manual CRM business process could be automated, and communication with clients could be achieved in a timely manner. Vestio brings an industry-leading solution, uniquely tailored to fit each wealth management institution and to derive value out of its client relations.



Relationship Cycle

Distinct workflow to convert a relationship from a prospect to a client after following the requisite compliance and management approval steps

Deep Customer Profiling

Ability to create in-depth customer profiles, ensuring the required information to make qualified decision making on behalf of the client.

Tactical Decisions

Deep customer understanding allows precise and quick decision making to ensure performance standards.

Client Grouping

Dynamically make a group of clients for a variety of purposes such as reporting etc.

Client Meeting Reports

Ability to record meeting report summaries including minutes of minutes, complaint registers, reminders and follow up.