Vestio offers a digital client portal that can be accessed from anywhere: tablets, mobiles or laptops. Providing your customers with a unique digital wealth-management experience by offering them transparency and tailored investment advice which they require. The digital portal is a flexible solution that can digitalize the client's experience to any degree suitable for the client and the wealth management advisor. Creating a platform for direct communication between the parties, strengthening their bond, via a highly user-friendly solution.



A Personalized Experience

Offer clients an exclusive personalized digital experience with our configurator, from the visual design to data visualization, and available reports and fact sheets.


Offer clients the transparency they deserve by offering them an overview of their portfolio valuation, performance, future cash flows, personal reports & secure messaging.

Increased Productivity

The digital tools allow you to automate and digitalize many labor-intensive, paper-based and time-consuming tasks. Leaving more time to build client relationships and grow your business.

Client Notifications

Reach-out to your clients directly through the client digital tools, allowing clients to upload and modify CRM documents, receive reminders, forecasts, and latest product updates.